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Dúbravka: A man’s goal in the last minute is always frozen

The goalkeeper Martin Dubravka did not allow Karabakh to go into the lead in the opening match of the European League, but he had mixed feelings. At the end of the third of the four minutes, Rašada Sadygova did not reach the missile and the Liberec footballers in Baku drew 2: 2. “We were a

Baros will play the EL group seven years later, as a captain

Milan Baroš will play in the basic group of European Cups after seven years. The match of the European League in Baku against Karabakh will be more interesting for him to lead Liberec footballers as captain instead of the injured Lukáš Pokorný. “Of course, I am very excited because Europe is always specific. I played

What does Budějovice favor in the Slavic series? Attack, experience, viewers …

Bookmakers are clear and the favorite is given. Perhaps surprisingly clear. If everything should go as expected, they will move quite smoothly to the barrage of the Motors hockey league. But… “Budějovice is already seeing us in the dungeon. We do not think it will be so easy. Slavia is a terribly dangerous opponent. They

Ruzicka has the first coach of a thousand matches in the ice hockey league

“I was quite surprised that it was a thousand matches. It is enough. However, it is a bit strange that no one has yet. I’m probably old, “Ruzicka said with a smile. “I am particularly glad that I can be one of today’s jubilee matches and I would definitely want to win the other one,”

Jagr’s Florida goal was not enough, thanks to Hanzal’s passport, Minnesota was celebrated

In the middle of February, Florida’s hockey players shone with a series of five ice wins winning the Western Front. After returning to their home environment, however, their form was gone. Panthers fell seven times out of eight of the following startups, once having to travel to an outdoor match again. The BB & T

Quintana dominated Tirren’s royal stage. The Kreuziger went on for a while

Who can defeat Nairo Quintana at Terminillo? That was the question of the day before the start. At the famous apennine climb, which played a role in the history of Italian Gira, Tirren’s stage last culminated last year. Then, in the frost and snow blizzard, Quintana triumphed with a staggering lead of 41 seconds on

Everton gave City four goals, derby United vs. Liverpool did not have the winner

Manchester United has played with Liverpool in the Premier League for the fifteenth time. In front of his own fans, he got to the first chance, but Paul Pogba did not use the percussion of Henrich Mchitarjana and left with a left stick next to the gate. In the 27th minute, he was once again

Imagination! Krčmáře pulled the famous shooting to third place. He won Fourcade

Just like the women’s sprint on Sunday, the chime of the Chiemgau Arena in Rupholding went wild. “The track is a little washed-up, but it should be cool,” Michael Michael said. ” And Michal Krčmář took advantage of this. lever in your hands like the others. It does not prove this to me. On Sunday,

COMMENT: Why is the Dakar Rally in South America still the Dakar Rally

Living ten years in the embargo, or just the previous sentence, read about the decade before, sounded like an oxymoron. So, suppose, something in the spirit of sweet salt, dry rain… Now, no surprise, because that’s reality, geography despite that. For a few years, Dakar has been “lying” in South America, and today it rains

Gold skis in the secluded. Better times to bring cup and new generation

“On the one hand I’m sorry, but at least some people realize that there is a need to do something to improve it. Cross country skiing is not going in the right direction, “says Jan Šrail, a participant in the World Championship 2015 and currently one of the most successful members of the Sports Club