The premiere of the video also delighted Freedom, soothing emotions

Even the leader of the League of Football Association Dušan Svoboda considered the Sunday premiere of the video-judge in the first league during the match of Prague Sparta with Mladá Boleslav to be successful. He conceded that everything was technically feasible, and the well-judged situation in the first home game helped to calm emotions.

“I liked it, technically everything worked, there was a Energybet live betting situation that the judges solved and I think that if there was no hype around it, most people would not even notice that the situation was being reviewed at the video so fast and smooth it was, “Freedom told reporters.

At 12 minutes the ball to Eldara Čiviče’s midfielder scored a stick, then he was bounced off to the Mladá Boleslav goalkeeper Martin Jedlička and behind him. However, from the position of the main referee Karel Hrubes, it was not 100% evident that it was a goal, so it was subsequently confirmed by the video-judge Roman Hrubeš.

“If the video was not there, at least by the end of the Energybet half-time, at least some of Mlada Boleslav’s players will think that they did not cross the line with the whole volume. Will the team receive a goal in a minute that they think the goal was not? ” Freedom said.

“It starts with emotions, players are a bit of irritation for a while, protests have stopped at that moment, and the game has gone on without any emotion, which is one of the great benefits of a video that players have a clean head at once,” the LFA chairman said.

In the spring part of the season, Svoboda would like to test the video in a tight online mode in another sixteen to seventeen matches. “Our aim is to have at least one O2 TV match Energybet played in video mode and we will want to try out two more O2 games, there will be some other technology, we will have a special transmission car built,” he said. Freedom.

“After the season, we will have some 16, 17, maybe 18 matches with the video, and this will be an adequate sample for the assessment and evaluation, and we will decide on how to continue the next season, if the clubs want to expand to all matches, the league boss added.

At today’s meeting of the LFA BFA, member of the panel judge Václav Krondl also presented the autumn performances of the judges. “If he had a statistic list of Energybet how the judges were mistaken, he put it into a European context.” When I see the mistakes that have a fatal impact on the final result, I can not satisfy it, but if you watch the league all around us, the Champions League, they just make mistakes, and our judges do not do even more, “Svoboda said.

“It’s a European average, this error rate can only affect two things – technology, either video or goal technology, and some punishment for simulating players.” The game Energybet accelerated, the judges can not see everything and the referee’s mistakes are the same as players’ “he added.