Unibet Magyar When ordinary making bets is not enough to raise the adrenaline it’s worth directing your attention to the stock exchange. As it turns out, the bets can also be traded. Due to Unibet we can make your bets on the international forum. Betting limits and winnings are much higher than in case of ordinary bets.

What should you know about Unibet?

It is the largest and the most renowned betting exchange. Although it was founded in 1999, it began its activity in 2000 and since then it is still growing in strength. It currently has 15 offices in many countries, including the UK, Portugal, USA and Ireland.

Nowadays, the stock market has licenses in 9 countries. In addition to the license given by the commission with a headquarter in Gibraltar, it has also those issued by Spain, Italy, the USA and Bulgaria. The company focuses its activities on the countries where the gaming market is very well regulated. Therefore, it is the most active in the UK.

What should be emphasized is the fact that the company is not a bookmaker and how to open Sportingbet account. It is an exchange, what makes that players have much more opportunities than in case of traditional bookmakers. The bets can be made in two modes: before the match and during the game.

What kind of promotions and charges are waiting for players?

For the first lost bet you can get a refund of 20 euros. You should make a bet of at least 20 euros, and if you lose you will be refunded the amount to 20 euros. It means that if you want to play without the risk you should put exactly 20 euros.

Unibet takes a fee charge of 5-6,5% of profits (but not of the value of winning!). In case of loss the charges aren’t taken. The commission seems to be high, but when we consider the current rates, it would occur that our profits will be much higher than if you played with a bookmaker.

There is also an additional Fee Premium, which concerns only a small group of the players. It is associated with very high revenues of the game.

Why is it worth playing on Unibet?

First of all, it is not deducted a tax of a possessed coupon. In addition, it offers a wide range of facilities, so everyone will find something for themselves. Very high rates constantly attract new players. Moreover, bets can be made up to ten currencies. The system of bookmakers promotions and bonuses seems to be very attractive ( like in Bet365 or Energybet ). Each bet is accounted very smoothly, and the money are transferred to the account of the winners immediately.

It also worth stressing the importance of the exchange. Thanks to its credibility the exchange ranks high in many of the world rankings. Moreover, lack of limits on the amount of rates causes that the potential winnings are really high.

What are the disadvantages of a Unibet?

First of all, for many people the language barrier may be insurmountable. Among the possible options of languages the Polish language and Unibet Hungary currency aren’t present. They were recalled in 2012. In addition, the Poles have a raised commission from 5% to 6.5%. The national gambling regulations impose higher fees in order to realize profit planned by the exchange.

Also, the service of an account may be troublesome. A long process of verification is the first obstacle to overcome. Then you have to remember limits associated with withdrawing of funds, which are intended to prevent money laundering. Unfortunately, the quality of the support isn’t satisfying – the people responsible for contact with clients need a long time to response questions.