Brno’s triumph in the fight for the first league: Vaněk will play for Zbrojovka

More precisely, he should try, because all the formalities still need to be done so that Vaněk’s arrival in Brno can be described as finished.

he can close the transfer window. Therefore, the double champion of the Republic with Pilsen (in 2015 and 2016) from the beginning of this week is preparing with the second league A, where he moved from the division B. He trained with him since August after his engagement in Ufa, Russia.

“We are in agreement that Ondra wants to play for Zbrojovka.Now it is necessary to manage all administrative steps, ”confirmed the sport manager of the Brno club Tomas Pozar message, which aroused enthusiasm among fans in Brno. Smid for defense is Vanek’s fourth and most sought-after reinforcement for the aspirant for advancement.If we did this, then this is the player that would push us a lot, ”said Fire.

The best career goal, then the “victim” rejuvenation

It is two years since Vaněk in the match Ufa against Rostov two steps after the 16th wait for the ball from the corner and tricked it under the crossbar so that the goalkeeper he glanced helplessly, throwing his hands away. “I like to remember the winning derby against Rubin Kazan, when I scored a decisive goal,” he added for the Russian site.

He did well last year, but since last September he has started to sit on the bench more and more.After the first five rounds of this season among the substitutes, he preferred to agree with the club management to end the contract. “They started to build more on the younger ones, so we turned out more. I spent three nice years there, ”he shrugged.

It was August 16, when the agencies reported that Vanek and Ufa were diverging. Four days later, the eight-time representative reported himself in Kralovo Pole for an armory training.

“I’m so glad I can train here,” he thanked the Brno club at that time. He would like to find a new foreign engagement, preferably Russia.

The arrival with which Zbrojovka exceeds the second-league competition has since been born patiently, step by step.The result is Vanek’s recruitment to the second-league cadre. Vaněk played the Czech league for Slavia, Jablonec and Pilsen, he spent half a year in Kayserispor, Turkey, and then he docked through Ufa in Pilsen.

At the age of twenty-nine he planned to sign one more contract abroad. “It will be one of the last, perhaps the last,” he calculated in the summer. “I would definitely like to play in Zbrojovka once, because I have a relationship with her. I live near the stadium, I go home on foot. Since I was a kid I was in Zbrojovka, so I would like to help her sometimes.I won’t say when, or how likely, but sometimes I do, ”he told reporters after joining the Zbrojovka B-group. knew the fans from the Czech league. It glowed in Jablonec when it was started in 2014; its market price at that time is set by the Transfermarkt server at € 1.5 million. This is something other than just coaching, ”he said in August after a“ Russian ”break.

He played his last match in May for Ufa against Spartak Moscow.The next one should be next Saturday in the second league derby against Lisen. “I haven’t played for Zbrojovka at this stadium yet, Zeman Brno was here in my early days,” he smiled.