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VIEW: The court does not judge. Even hockey fish stinks from the head

Even people in gowns look sternly at Czech hockey, which in the last decade has declared a bounce from the bottom so many times, that he then attached to his leg a boulder that pulls him down to the surface instead. Now he’s in for a rushing decision of February 14, when eleven men who

Hopefully there will be money to strengthen in the winter, they believe in Opava

The problem was, according to him, that the city councilors approved the club’s participation in the first league after the start of preparation. “So some of the soccer players we had contracted didn’t want to come to us because they didn’t know if we were going to play the first league,” Grussmann said. “Yet we

Football and language school. This is the new football area of ​​Tábor

Neither Ajax nor Bayern defeat the Tábor region. This is just an excerpt from the triumphant shout of the football players of the third-league team from Tábor, which appears on social networks very often this season. After each match. Last year, footballers from Jordan in the second Sportingbet league won six times in 30 matches.