Football and language school. This is the new football area of ​​Tábor

Neither Ajax nor Bayern defeat the Tábor region. This is just an excerpt from the triumphant shout of the football players of the third-league team from Tábor, which appears on social networks very often this season. After each match.

Last year, footballers from Jordan in the second Sportingbet league won six times in 30 matches. This year they have played four games in ČFL and celebrated their win four times. They are the only ones in the table to have a full score, a one-point lead over Sparta B second and a three-point lead over King’s Court.

will play. Our start to the season was great.We are surprised, delighted, but it’s still just a start, ”says Miloslav Brozek, the leader of the third-league group A. This is well known by midfielder Martin Kučera. He was one of the few teams to leave the last unsuccessful season. “About five or six of the last cadre were left here.I didn’t run because I was hoping to play upstairs, ”explains the experienced player. : 0 and last defeated Pribram B 5: 0. “I think that spectators who were not used to victory last season could be happy with Hostouní for the second half,” says Martin Kučera.

And they are probably in two home duels each time more than five hundred came, which corresponds to last year’s numbers.

What they had to get used to were all new players. There are enough in the cadre. And many of them come from exotic countries. At Jordan, names like Tolno and Conde are being taught.Both are from Guinea.

The second sap was caught by Almeida and especially Toutou. He came to Tábor region last winter, but in the spring did not record much. On the contrary, it shines. He has already scored six goals in four games and is leading the third-league group A shooters. When I found out that he still has a contract with us for a year and a half, I thought that we would try to work with him, and we gradually managed to get involved.He has the prerequisites for big football and I think he understands that he has to work a lot to get somewhere, ”added coach Miloslav Brozek.

The language barrier is overcome by a coach

Toutou speaks French and partly English. Not all players are doing so well. “The little problem is that the two new ones, Tolno and Conde, don’t speak English either. Fortunately, the coach communicates with them in French, so we sometimes have wrestling training in three languages, of course Czech and English. We also have language lessons in addition to football, ”Kučera smiles.

But at the same time, he adds that both of these 19-year-olds are trying to fit into the team and are already learning the first Czech words.The coach Brožek knows that everyone needs to be integrated into the cadre as quickly as possible.

“These foreign players sometimes tend to be such a single unit in the team. And we don’t want that, it doesn’t do goodness. They must learn and not count on translating everything. Because we are doing so far, so others take it. But if not, others can point out that they do not know what to do and the like. Then it spoils the atmosphere, ”Brožek points out. “So pariuri online bonus far we have played with the teams from below. We’ll see how Sparta B, Slavia B, Plzen B or Domazlice check us out, ”he says. But it might not be bad.After all, the team played in the Cup with the second-league Varnsdorf last week, and after 90 minutes it was 4: 4, with a penalty.

“On the one hand, we were very disappointed right after we had a huge chance to turn the duel. But on the other hand, I have to say that we have lost our honor and it may be better for our narrow cadre that we can focus only on the third league, ”added Brožek. On Saturday, Táborsko plays on Motorlet and in the next round with Pilsen B. Will it still heat at the top of the table?

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