French League: Neymar: a high-risk signing

Not everything is happiness in PSG. Not even after giving Dijon (8-0) the biggest win in their history at home reigns tranquility in the Parc des Princes. Neymar is not happy in Paris and was responsible for demonstrating after completing the largest individual exhibition that is remembered – he scored four goals and gave two assists – in Ligue 1.

The sports performance of ‘Ney’ he is unquestionable: he has scored 24 goals in 23 games, no one surpasses him in assists (11) in the five major leagues, he has already exceeded the 20 goals he achieved last season…However, his extra-sports scandals invite us to think that 222 million that Paris Saint-Germain paid to Barça make him a high-risk signing.His anger against the Dijon is the last link in a long chain.

Fights over fouls and penalties

Cavani and Neymar staged a resounding dispute the Lyon. Dani Alves took the ball from the Uruguayan so that ‘Ney’ launched a foul with 0-0 in the Marker. In the final stretch, Cavani did not accept to give a penalty to the Brazilian and failed. Although the PSG ended up winning 2-0, the scandal went around the world.

“I have asked them to fix it among themselves, that they are able to reach an agreement, otherwise I will decide, I do not want this to be a problem for us.If the first one was launched by Cavani, there will be another one that will touch Neymar, “Emery said.

Neymar solved it by going to London, a day later, with his ‘friend’ Lewis Hamilton.

Expulsion against Marseille

Neymar, tired of the endless kicks he received in the Classic, decided to take the law by his hand against Marseille. At the end of each corner…but finally he was expelled The ex-Barça did not feel well at all, a Lucas Ocampos kick and Neymar, already with a card, gave him a slight push that earned him the second yellow.

“What happened on Sunday will help you learn. The Marseille players pushed him, they fouled him.But he should not give in to the provocation, although I understand that the players are human beings, “said Emery.

The scandal of the video

Neymar is a new controversy came to him at the end of October.From France he slipped in that the Brazilian was bored by Emery’s video sessions.In fact, it was even said that Neymar would have asked to exercise with the substitutes to ‘haggle’ a video analysis session.

An extreme that Emery was responsible for denying: “Pay attention to the methodology of work. He is attentive to all video sessions, even in the front row. All players know that these sessions are important.And if I did not organize them, I’m sure they would ask for them, because they know they are important. “

Exploded while concentrated with Brazil

The climate of The tension grew again in mid-November, with Neymar concentrating on Brazil, France questioned the problematic character and the lack of commitment of the former Santos and Tite came to his defense: “We have faced our teams strongly and have always been loyal . I got tired of hearing that Tite had problems with Neymar. And I can talk about his enormous character, his greatness in the dressing room, “said the Brazilian coach while Neymar, sitting next to him, broke down in tears.

” They are inventing many stories that are not true.I have no problem with my coach and neither with Cavani, “Neymar defended.

His discussed trip to Brazil

The tension seemed to be reduced…when the PSG decided to give permission to Neymar to travel to Brazil to solve some “personal issues.” “He called to tell me that he had an important thing in his family and asked me if the club and I agreed to let him go to Brazil . It was important to him. The human part is important, sometimes the work takes a back seat, “said Emery.

The reason for his trip was not known, but the networks did take care of revealing some of his steps. for example, he visited his trusted dentist. “One more year and everything is in holy peace”, wrote Rafael Puglisi on ‘Instagram’.He also attended the birthday of Reinaldo Pitta, father of Guilherme Pitta, friend of the player. “Thanks for the visit, you are still the same guy, humility in person, that’s why you’re loved,” Pitta wrote.

He deprived Cavani of being the historical Pichichi of PSG

Neymar’s latest PSG scandal is closely linked to the first one. Paris Saint-Germain defeated Dijon 7-0 when Yambaré knocked Cavani into the box. The penalty seemed the ideal opportunity for ‘El Matador’ – scored 156 goals with Ibrahimovic – to become the top scorer in the history of PSG. The Park of the Princes asked for it. ‘Cavaaaani, Cavaaaani…!’, He began to scream.There were even boos to Neymar once he caught the ball and ducked his head, with no intention of giving up the pitch.

The public’s attitude did not sit well with Neymar. The Brazilian left the field angry, with the ball under his arm and refused to make statements despite being elected player of the game. “I could have left the penalty to Cavani, it would have been a gesture of ‘fair play’,” said Belgian defender Thomas Meunier, who, however, considered “ungrateful” the whistles of the stands.

< p> Neymar, however, does not hide. Today he has been seen together with his partner Trapp and Beckham in the men’s fashion show of Louis Vuitton during the ‘Men’s Fashion Week in Paris’. New episodes are presupposed in this love-hate story.