It’s like a gun shot. About Superman López, whom he also commends Froome

It was 11.August 19, when Miguel Ángel López set out to prepare for the Vuelto astronomy observatory Calar Alto.

Nineteen days later, here at the eleventh stage of the Spanish Grand Tour he climbed again.

of all.

He won his first stage in one of the three-week races, his expression was happy to say that it finally did, and he did it again four days later. > “I would like to remind Albert Contador once,” he said once.

On the Sunday stage with Pistole, 26 kilometers before the finish, he set out for a crazy escape. “Even I had doubts, it was terribly far from the target,” he confided. With his idol from youth he overcame the landscape of rocks and sand in Sierra Nevada, and when the Spanish veteran stopped doing it, he did not suffer nostalgia.

With his killer instinct, he got on and went for the second triumph of the Spanish Vuelta and for the shift to sixth place – even the team mate and the original Fabia Arua leader.

fired from the cannon, “joked Colombian fans.

On Sunday he confirmed that he is the strongest climber of the race.And now he is taking over the reins in Astana.

“I’m not surprised by how strong he is. I expected them to attack when Astana went all the way all day, they wanted to win the stage and they did it. He is driving fantastically, “said Loppe and race leader Chris Froome.

School was born in Pesce, who lives in agriculture, into a family of six other children.

Since his youth he has been experiencing the daily routine – he stood up, helped his parents in the field, and then went back to sleep. Later on, the morning was going to school.

It did not seem like a big Cycling champion was going to make a small Michelangelo, as they called him at home.

At the age of ten, he stole his father to go four miles up the hill and four to go uphill to school faster.

Life has flipped over seven years ago.That was when a bicycle race took place in Pesce. “In the meantime, I did not even think that I could feed myself by riding a bicycle,” he admitted.

He had decent grades at school, he wanted to finish high and then go high. >

His family could not afford to pay the 10,000 pesos, but López’s talent was bet on by one of the politicians present.

The 16-year-old boy beat

He first took a mountain bike but did not take long, and López crossed the road. “If I have an idol? They do not show cycling on TV, so I did not watch anyone when I was small.But I would like to ride like Alberto Contador, “he said shyly.

If he knew so…

Then his star has risen fast. What he did not see was in the Colombian youth representation, which he was not even offended in by the 2013 incident.

He drove past his hometown when two men with knives attacked him.He did not, the bike, despite several market wounds, defended himself and his blood turned home.

Here’s the nickname Superman, which he now uses on his Twitter.

European fans met with his name for the first time three years ago when he arrived at the Tour de l Avenir with the Colombian representation, where he was hardly looking for a competitor in the hills, and at the age of twenty he detained the Tour de France youth for half a minute and then he was immediately reached by Astana, this Colombian gem signed for three years.

Last year he began to pay for it, at the age of twenty, he dominated the race around Switzerland , when he got to Tejaye van Garderena in the final time.

And so he came to last year’s Vuelta as the black horse of the whole race.

And maybe it was not to fall in the third stage when he lost three teeth. “It’s hard for me to eat and drink now.But it’s my first Grand Tour where I can fight for the overall ranking. That’s my motivation, “he said.”


Seriously rushing until he got out of the bike in the sixth stage. > Still last year he was able to win the award-winning classic of Milan-Turin before the worst injury of his previous career came.

It was just a very unusual November day when López drove home in Colombia just to ride a bike.

The car that struck him broke his left tibia.


At least four months, the doctors agreed.

The future of this radiant diamond of the Kazakhstan was uncertain. That’s why Astana did not push him.López has not touched the wheels for three months. He was patient. He knew that if he returned half-healed to the races, he would not do any good.

“I knew it was important to be 100% ready to come back,” he said. at home in Colombia, where the family cared for him and he gradually grew up fitness on the roads where he grew up.

He wanted to go back to racing in April and go Tour de France. But it did not happen, and he missed the planned start at the Around California race.Still not perfectly fit.

By June 8, after 250 days he again pinned the number on his back.

He wanted to defend the title in the Around Switzerland race, but fell in fifth gear at 70 km speed he broke the thumb of his right hand.

He was back on the moon for a month before he finished third in Austria.

The tour was gone at that time, so his eyes turned to Spanish Vuelta.He did not care, the team leader was Fabio Aru, and no pressure exerted on him.

“I’ll be Fabi’s hand,” he said.

And until the eleventh stage really he was concerned about Italy before he realized in Astana that it was he who could bring more success to his Spanish roads.

That’s why he got his free hand on his way to Calar Alto, which he immediately took advantage of. And so for him, Astana crashed on Sunday in the first two hours of the race so he could use Albert Contador for another second of his opponents.

In sixth place López is losing 2: 51 minutes to Chris Froom.Only 43 seconds ahead of him is the third Ilnur Zakarin, which is not insurmountable in the current Colombian form.

“And if he continues to collect time on me, we will have to start to react to his attacks , “Chris Froome confessed Sunday’s press conference.

A 40-kilometer tune-in on Tuesday.