Julian Nagelsmann and his unique approach to football

After this weekend, the freshest outburst of Leverkusen’s explosive trainer Roger Schmidt has been discussed a lot, but less attention has already been paid to who the poignant sentence “You think you invented football, right?” addressed at all. Julian Nagelsmann may well be one of the most talented young coaches of the day…

Hoffenheim clearly defeated Leverkusen 3: 0 on Saturday, and Hoffe made it to Hoffe for the first time in the table of points since Nagelsmann’s arrival at the helm in February. Bayer 04.Nagelsmann’s business card of 39 points from 22 matches now lags behind the unmatched duo of Dortmund-Bayern.

The Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung local newspaper only saw the choice as a PR piece, while Frankfurter Rundschau drew himself with an uncompromising verdict that it was a “crazy idea”. Read more info

exceptional.The risk may have seemed greater for outsiders, but not so for those who knew him personally, who worked with him, who knew what authority he was, how well he perceived the course of the matches, how meticulous he was, the intensity of his training and he has a relationship with younger players, “ > > > Nag Nagelmann has been in Hoffenheim for six years and previously worked as an assistant to the club, acting as head coach of the first team. Eight months ago, however, he was helped to promote especially his youth card, and the team under the age of 19 led him to the title in 2013/14 to win another final with him.And then his protégés, Nadia Amiri and Philippe Ochs, immediately played important roles in the campaign to save the first league identity. Bayern Munich even invited him to interview the reserve team under 23 when he was in Guardiolo. This spring, the youngest Bundesliga coach in history was also honored by the legendary Ottmar Hitzfeld for a presentation as part of a course for the German Association.

” Thomas Tuchel, Alex Schmidt, Klaus Schromm – great coaches who have pushed me forward and on character level, all of whom have achieved great success.I don’t have much experience myself, I rely heavily on my own instinct, “ said Nagelsmann a few days ago; a coach younger than 88 Bundesliga players.

Nagelsmann first met Thomas Tuchel at the Augsburg B, where he At the age of twenty, he suffered a serious knee injury and was forced to retire early, and eight years later, the Bundesliga team was earned warm words of praise from the Dortmund Pilot.

In fact, Nagelsmann had a look at Thomas Tuchel and some of the basics of his game style, which in particular this spring consisted of aggressive enforcement of ball loss in the middle of the field and a rapid, coordinated Bet365 bonos counterattack.He is therefore impressed by Ralf Rangnick’s earlier work in Leipzig’s second league, and in particular by his presinking scheme.

At the same time, however, Hoffenheim players spend quite a lot of time with the ball at the football boots, taking the sixth position in the Bundesliga holding table. Nagelsmann’s philosophy is so difficult to describe.He also claims that he is constantly trying new things at the trainings during the week and he repeats one specific exercise only a few times a year.

In short, Nagelsmann encourages others not to be too attached to particular formations. “It’s a difference of five or ten meters in the position of the player that determines whether it’s 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1; , “ breaks down the smaller tabels of Nagelsmann, who also believe that soccer is only about 30% tactics, the rest doing” social dexterity. ” he did not approach football a bit scientifically.After all, his team of analysts collects such unusual data as the time spent in the so-called deckungsschatten “I work as a baker. I mix a few things together, bake them in the oven, and then make sure I like the result,” goes to the unconventional parallel of Nagelsmann, who for example, Czech representative Pavel Kadeřábek playing across the foot on the left beech or even in reserve.

Nagelsmann’s similar baking pieces have so far been very successful.His team remains unbeaten this year by following four consecutive draws with the same number of consecutive wins. “The Champions League can be smelled in the air,” Kicker wrote a week ago before Hoffenheim destroyed the weakened Leverkusen outside. Indeed, why could TSG 1899 not and should not think of it?