Klopp in Liverpool is changing work with Unibet, and a salary ceiling has been introduced

Especially after the summer 2016 failure in England, the debate over whether the English teenagers are very much pampered, and this problem, like Southampton and Tottenham, was now also addressed in Liverpool. Fresh professionals will now be confined to Anfield with a Unibet pay limit of 40,000 pounds a year (1.2 million crowns)…

Such a measure would therefore be for 17-year-olds in the first year of their professional careers and basic salary would be supplemented by bonuses for possible start-ups for reserve selection up to 23 years, premature promotion to the aka, or hosting in lower English competitions. To illustrate how great a ripping of those £ 800 a week means: reality in some bigger English clubs, according to the Telegraph, look like 16-year-olds are immediately getting contracts with a Unibet guaranteed weekly earnings of more than 10,000 pounds.

Such early life as in cotton has to lead to satisfaction and, in the worst case, to premature burnout of the talent in question.Manager Jürgen Klopp is still doing everything in Liverpool for incorporating young players into the first team when he gave the debut to nine members of the academy last season, so it’s no surprise that this new feature is full of support.

“I usually stay longer in my clubs, so if I see a good 16-year-old boy, I can always wait for him,” said the former pilot Mainz and Borussia Dortmund, who along with the Unibet director of the academy Alex Inglethorpe Liverpool began drastic slimming of youth structures.

“I can promise that rather than signing a player that is not so much better than the material we already have, we’d better bet on our own boys.That should be the future even in this wild world of football transfers, “says Klopp.

” When I was very young I worked as a youth coach. I got a team and after one year the sports director always came up with the question of how many new players I want for the next season. I said no. He said: ‘Always get new players, the best of other clubs’. But I was not interested in it.I wanted to continue with the same team and continue to improve it, “ outlines his 49-year-old German philosophy.

Liverpool now receives under 170 Ingléthorpe Supervision only 170 new faces instead of the original 240 Recently, Steve Heighway and Dave Shannon, who have been Unibet traditionally named among the prominent mentors of the early liverpool icons of Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, and Jamie Carragher, have also recently been backed up by the young coaches of youth.

“We have these beautiful stories of boys who come to the club at the age of seven, stay there and play for him as well as professionals.Now, Klopp, together with Inglethorpe, despite the advice of the English Football Association, supports Klopp himself.

The manager of the Liverpool academy is really keen to know. ”

The Ex-Dortmund coach would also prefer if a Liverpool juniors were to be kicked out at school three times a week, she trained in the same place as an adult to attend all the training sessions of the two teams, but that would mean breaking up the Kirkby academy or building a brand new complex, so Klopp has done enough to invite a couple of A-team summer preparations.