The Hungarian is fulfilling a dream called FC Barcelona. It was 60 millions of nerves

For a long time, it seemed that Hanga was going to experience an angry summer. He did not get on the San Antonio payroll and the first – already done – agreement with Barcelona fell under the table.

In Spain, current employers have a chance to call up a new bidder. That’s what the Basconia did, in which the twenty-two-year-old wingman made the captain. The contract for three years for 7.5 million euros (200 million crowns) with FC Barcelona has thus become the same as the Basque.

Hanga would continue to fight for the top position in the Spanish ACB league as well as success in Eurolize. He would entertained 15,000 enthusiastic fans at Fernando Buesa Arena, which is, as he describes, an indescribable feeling.But he wanted something else.

He wanted to become one of the faces of the renaissance basketball section of the Catalan Grand Club. At the end of July, it seemed like he had to let go of his taste and renew his relationship with the Basque club. At the end of August, however, everything was different.

Almost a whole month spent Hanga on the route from B to B.He sacrificed almost all of his preparations with Hungarian representation and part of his nerves.

But managed, Basque will receive a ransom of 400,000 euros (10.8 million crowns), and the renowned defender will give even more substantial sums.

“I sacrificed thirty percent of my salary paid out of the contract so I get much less money in Barcelona than I would in Bascon, “Hanga surprised. “If anyone denounces me that I went to Barcelona for money…” he sent his critics to Vitoria, the city where the Basconia resides.

“This summer was really long and demanding, because I just did not know where I was going to play,” he sighed at the end of the holidays.

Hang’s unparalleled advantage is to reunite coach Sitem Alonsem, who also moves to Barcelona from the Basque Country.And that for the Catalans who have not lost to the Euroleague play-off and the ACB in the quarterfinals this season with the Valencia championship, it can only be better.

The first half of September is a time when Hanga forgets Barcelona , wants to lead Hungary as a historic success at EuroBasket.

For the last time, Hang was the predecessor of the European championship in 1999. “And it’s been more than fifty years since we won the European Championship,” he reminds.

to play-off. Across Romania. And also through weakened Bohemia. The Monday morning duel will be really crucial.

The Hungarians have so far defeated the Croatians 58:67 when they struggled to the last quarter. Consequently, they were unable to oppose Montenegro.They have lost unambiguously 48:72.

Not even for Hang, it is a miracle tournament in Cluj. In the first half with Croatia he hurt his hip on Friday and had to resign. “I wanted to play, but the coach did not let me,” he said at a post-press press conference.

Blacksmiths faced Saturday, their racing failed to brawl and he only scored eight points. In the attack, he was looking at both matches when he shot the field with a success rate of less than thirty percent.

And in the third?