The Liberec football club enjoyed Teplice. Was it Trpišov’s good-bye?

Fotbal Liberec finally showed his strength in the Czech league. Teplice U Nisy in the 9th round from the beginning sovereignly played and the 2: 0 victory was still merciful to the rival.

“We’ve come close to the performances we’ve been performing last year. In the league this was certainly our best performance this year, “said Trpišovský. “The guys ran from the first to ninety minutes on the opponent’s goal, so Slovan would play. It was an interesting match, maybe there would be more in the league. “

Liberec went from scratch for a goal but for a long time he confirmed his shooting torment. In addition, he added a great Grigar in the Teplice Branch. In the 13th minute they could paradoxically go into the lead, but Fillo hit the bar.But it was practically everything from Teplice.

The home crowd was given a certain online bookmaker amount of consolation when, after 56 minutes, After the perfect solo Bartl on the right flank and the Vucha snapped from the border of sixteen he hit the open corner of the goal of the Folprecht.

“When he got the ball Egon Ow, I was afraid he would pull out some of his parrot, but he it was a beautiful game and I was trying to keep the player from slipping, “he described the winning run of the Folprecht.

And for another four minutes he was even cheerful. This time, another midfielder Breite took advantage of a misunderstanding between goalkeeper Grigore and Ljevakovich and gave it to 2-0.Breite had to score a special flavor for his former club.

The three points with Teplice have a great value for Liberec. If he did not win the match, he would be stuck at the bottom of the table, and the European Cups for the next year would be far away. “They are golden points for us,” trained Trpišovský.

It was not easy for him to bookmakers offer personally. His departure to Prague Sparta is getting more and more specific outlines and maybe it was his last match on the Liberec bench. During the match, Trpišovský had to face the banners posed by the domestic flag-bearers. At first, “Sparta refuses”, another “Sparta is preceded by a fall”.

“I’m glad it was not sharper.I just heard from the stand that people in Liberec would stop liking me, “said Trpišovský.

After the game, he had a lot of fun with home fans. And in the evening he met their representatives and the players to explain to them the current situation. “Some contact with Sparta took place, but now they have both clubs. It was crucial for me to finish work in Liberec until Sunday, “said Trpišovský. “It’s not easy and whatever it is, my heart will be half sad. Liberec I like, gave me a chance, and I did everything to get it back. “

On Monday morning, Trpišovský will meet with the owner of Liberec club Ludvík Karel.After this meeting, his future action could be clear.