Trpišovský will deal with the owner of Liberec to go to Sparta

Liberec coach Jindřich Trpišovský will meet with the owner of Slovan Ludvík Karel on Monday morning and will deal with his possible departure to Sparta, who strives for him as the successor of Zdeněk Ščasný. Coach Severočeský has some opinion in his head, but first he wants to tell the players. I do not know how the whole situation will happen.

“Some contact came and we said that we would be back on Monday, that I would think about it in quotation marks, for me it was resolute that I had to finish “I was concentrating only on Thursday (European League) and on today,” he told journalists Trpišovský after a 2-0 victory over Teplice.

“Any opinion I have a head in my head and I want the first to hear the players I have trained, and so people in Liberec.Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with our owner where the situation will be addressed. And then there are clubs in their hands. I swear that I do not know how it will come, “added a 40-year-old coach who has a valid contract in Liberec by the end of the season.” He admitted he was internally very confused. ” so or so, half will be sad, half happy. Liberec I like it, it is so important to me. He gave me a huge chance. I did everything to get it back. That’s why, during the year, some things that arose did not fall.Now this is the situation, and it is not easy, “said Trpišovský, who arrived in Liberec last summer before the Zizkov season and with the team twice moved to the European League and finished third in the league.

After today’s victory over Teplice, the evening will meet the players. “I look forward to the players. Cufa (Coufalovi) was born child, Šev (Ševčík) was born child. There we go. I told them I would tell them something about how I felt it. And we will see what will happen tomorrow, “Trpišovský said.

Despite his possible departure to Letna, the Liberec” boiler “protested in a moderate way, showing” Sparta refuses “and” Sparta precedes fall “. ” About the situation that is, everyone is talking. It’s not easy for anyone or fans.I’m glad it was in this form that it was not sharper. I just heard from the stand that they would stop loving me “, added Trpišovský.