Valencia CF: Marcelino: I never spoke of bad attitud

They are already notified. Marcelino continues to fly. He does not want trusts. The game against Las Palmas, after the first part played against Alavés, comes at the right time to change the given image. The technician expects that the errors will not be repeated. “I said that we were not at our level and we will try not to repeat it, to play at the highest level and it is true that the opponent was at a very good level, to enter the game differently and not to be generated. I never spoke about the bad attitude of the team, we all thought that we were already in the semifinals and I come from a humble family and that I do not like, if you consider yourself superior you are close to making a mistake “.

Second worst turns. “It would be very long to explain it, I just hope you do not break a fibula, a knee or an ankle.But for us it will be very difficult to repeat the numbers of the first round. In May I hope I can take the opposite of you. “

Guedes.” The position and the efforts influence that decision. We have to also think about the possibilities of injury increase according to

Fouls. “These are tricks that rivals use, we see other players in other teams with a game similar to Guedes and we see how referees act, what I will not say is that they do not dribble in case they get kicked.”

Do you feel guarded on the bench? Without any doubt

Las Palmas. “They have to win as soon as possible and they are going to bite, there are problems for all the teams, confidence is not a good travel companion, it is obvious that the League was more important, we should try not to give the rival team options. .Match your intensity and concentration. Winning is a mental and physical effort over each of the parties. The first minutes are usually of difficulty. We have to try not to happen anymore. “

Andreas.” The mentality of each one of us, including the coach, is always the mentality of contributing more. By the fourth month we can not think that everything is done. It is the idea that you have to have in your head every day. Nobody can settle. Andreas, as everyone can contribute more “

Rotations We can not think about the following section: To fold matches is to be confused We will only win by focusing our attention on this match.

Murillo and Soler. I have it clear, next week will be complicated, it’s possible that Carlos is before Murillo but I can not say.

Sin Parejo.With the arrival of Coquelin there is one more option. Dani is a very important player, but we have played without him. We have enough automatisms to supply him in a game.