Dúbravka: A man’s goal in the last minute is always frozen

The goalkeeper Martin Dubravka did not allow Karabakh to go into the lead in the opening match of the European League, but he had mixed feelings. At the end of the third of the four minutes, Rašada Sadygova did not reach the missile and the Liberec footballers in Baku drew 2: 2. “We were a bit away from the victory, it will surely froze when the last minute he will get to 2: 2 before the match, maybe someone said that the draw is good, but we were so close to the win, so the feelings are mixed, “he regretted in an interview with the journalist Dúbravka.  At the end of the third minute of the set, the Slovak goalman vainly drew on the shot of Sadygova’s home footballer, who hit the pole. “It was easy.You did stop it and did it really well to the pole. I tried to go after it, but the bullet was violent just behind the pole. So it’s a bit tough for us, but that’s football, “said Dúbravka.

Karabachu captured a few big chances in the 1: 1 position and at the start of the second half he did not let Reynald score. i> “I wanted to stand him because I saw he was not in perfect position. The ball was a bit over my feet and I thought I could make him nervous when I stayed. I’m glad we did that and we did not get a goal quickly after the second half, “Dúbravka said.

” I think we got the second goal afterwards. Our whole team has been doing things, and we’ve put everything in it.They had the ball most of the time, but we were very well organized. The boys played full, at the limit of their possibilities. It is a pity that we have not survived for several dozen seconds. We dare to score a point, but we have no reason to be ashamed of it “, he added.

He did not want to predict whether the point at the beginning of the group might be important in the fight for progress. we still have five matches with very challenging opponents. Everyone has quality. We saw it with Karabakh. He does not have such a strong sound in Europe, but he is a very good team, “said Dúbravka.