Hopefully there will be money to strengthen in the winter, they believe in Opava

The problem was, according to him, that the city councilors approved the club’s participation in the first league after the start of preparation.

“So some of the soccer players we had contracted didn’t want to come to us because they didn’t know if we were going to play the first league,” Grussmann said. “Yet we brought four players. I am sorry that Knejzlík has been injured and will miss him 1xbet for half a year. ”

Apart from the defender Karel Knejzlík, Opava gained midfielder Karol Mondek and Pavel Šulc and forward René Dedič.

Grussmann was not only satisfied matches with Zlín (0: 3) and Pilsen (0: 4). “But against Slavia (1: 1) the boys played as I would have imagined.Grussmann is not disappointed with the 14th place. “We have played four high-quality matches against teams that have been or are in the European Cup.” 29th September (15.30) in Karviná. “These will be struggles of truth. They will show what our team has, ”said Grussmann. “Whether we want it or not, it’s a little there.We are not one of the strongest teams, so we have to deal with it and manage it like Slavia, ”he said.

“Martin went through high-quality teams,” Grussmann recalled his work in Příbram, Liberec, Baník Ostrava and Mladá Boleslav. “We were pariuri online legale interested in him already in May, but he wanted to stay in Slovakia. Now he decided to quit Seredi, so we agreed. He can play in multiple positions. It is a very versatile universal. ”

But the ravaged want to continue to build primarily on their offspring. “Of the twenty-four players in the cadre, we have eight of our own.It is hard to find another team where there are so many, ”said Alois Grussmann. “This is the perfect start. And to make it possible for their followers, we have already moved some adolescents into the male category, the Division B team. ”Yet the club leaders talk about the need to strengthen the team. They plan the changes during the winter break.Will they have money? “We are doing our best,” said Club Managing Director Petr Machovský. “Hopefully we can get some money beyond the budget.”

This is 53 million crowns this season. “We count on it with seven million from advertising partners,” said Vladimir Schreier, economic advisor to the club. “We have almost all the contracts signed at the moment, and we have two Super bet more million pending.” “It is set to survive this season and to prepare a new concept from next year.” Vladimír Schreier warned that in the event of a descent, the second league would be economically more difficult for Silesian FC. “We would lose a lot of partners and thus money,” he said