In the derby, a duel with a “fight” Silent

For Sunday’s derby, Zdeněk Ščasný from Sparta and Jaroslav Šilhavý from Slavia, with a bit of exaggeration, will be a duel between the teacher and the pupil. The current football coach from Eden was once an assistant in Viktoria Zizkov just under the leadership of Ščasný.

“It will not be an advantage, it is just one game and it must be played by the players” > said at today’s meeting with journalist Ščasný, who took Šilhavého into the implementation team after coming to Zizkov in 1999. “I came after a short break after leaving Sparta and Jard had just ended with a career, so it was a very logical step and I’m glad I had it with him, “he added.

” It was a beautiful time, but it is not the first time we play against each other.We started against each other, even when he was in Liberec or recently against the Dukla, “added Štěpný, who has only words of praise for Shilhav. ” A honest, hard-working and straight guy. “I thought he could train, but Jarda moved from the role of assistant to the head coach for a long time to defend himself.”

.Then I watched him from behind, but he finally found the right time, and especially his work in Liberec was excellent, “he reminded of the Slovan engagement in Slovan, with which Šilhavý won the title in 2012 and in the 2013/14 season he moved to the defeat of the European League.

Now they stand against each other as their opponents and just in the most viewed match of the Czech football scene. “I do not feel nervous, but I see a derby approaching. Whatever it is, it is the biggest match of the year and everyone is looking forward but at the same time it feels responsible because the fans will forgive us, but the derby certainly will not, “said Ščasný.

Šilhavý he came to Slavia at the beginning of September, under his leadership he made a draw 2: 2 with Teplice and beat 1: 0 Liberec.According to Ščasný, a new coach’s handwriting was already known at Vrchice club. “Under Jardou they are no longer playing for the classic two attackers and a little changed the way of the extreme midfielder game,” added Sparta coach.

“But as Jarda knows us well, that they are expecting what they will play, “added Štěpánek, who would like to draw on the performance of the last league match in Zlín (1: 1). “After a long time, we played almost the whole game without fluctuations, even without the winning result.But if we have to build on it, “he adds.

If the first derby after 16 years is played by Sparta’s biggest defender Tomáš Rosický, Ščasný has not revealed. ” Tomáš must be 100%  said a fifty-five-year-old coach. “This is precisely what happens if we need him on the pitch and he can help us,” he added.