Matějovský first started Unibet and immediately scored

For the first time since the September return from Sparta, Marek Matějovský was on the base of Mladá Boleslav and scored immediately. In the 10th round of the league, he helped a 3: 1 win on the Bohemians 1905 field and in the highest competition he scored for almost three years.

“I am glad to have contributed somewhat. I’m glad that after I had health problems, I could play a certain part of the game and somehow help the manchafta, “Matějovský told journalists, who were alternating three minutes before the end.

The club opened a score in the 27th minute when he Unibet missed Milana Jiráska and the action ended with a shot. In the first league it was his jubilee tenth, which he had been waiting for since the 30th.November 20, 2013. “Of course, at first, I had the idea that I would move it to some of the guys. But when I raised my head and saw where the goalie was, I thought it was a bit more the front pole and the position was not perfect, I tried it to the far stick and set it there, so I like it, “said a thirty-four-year-old midfielder.

Shortly after his goal, . “That was the other side of the gate and at that moment I saw Buda (Viktor Budinsky) on the second pole, so I wanted to wrap it up and it was too much.Then it was a fusion penetration and shame that we did there Unibet nedotlačili “ described Matejovsky.

After an hour of play passed another battle with a famous writer, author contact gates Bohemians him this time behind fouled and got red card. “I was at the balloon earlier. From my point of view, he wanted to stop the action and hit me on a standing leg. I have heard that I have simulated, but it is totally despicable. How to assess the referee, it’s up to him, but the foul that was clear, “ said Matejovsky.

Boleslav for the eighth league win of the season jumped at the Unibet head table masterful Pilsen, which has a good Saturday match on the soil of the Slovak. “It was a difficult match and the three points are very important for us. We like it, but we’re still working.The coach urges us not to get rid of it and to keep on doing whatever we can to make the next match and manage them. So far, we are doing well and we will do our best to continue this, “added a former representative.