Pavlenka picks up her first derby and wants Sparta at least a point

The first Prague derby in his career should be taken by goalkeeper Jiří Pavlenka on Sunday. Sparta has twice played in Ostrava and two years ago he played a major part in Baník taking an unexpected 1-0 win. “I would not say that I would have caught and destroyed Sparta then, of course, I remember very well.” It was a beautiful experience, there were a lot of fans “We were good at the time, both in the back and the front.” It was an excellent team performance, ” told journalists Pavlenko.

” On Sunday, playing Sparta, probably taking a point.But a man always wants to win, “said a 24-year-old goalie who came to Slavia in the winter but Martin Berkovec caught the spring derby.

The match against the bigger rival Pavlenka is always more motivating. i> “As with Ostrava, Slavs are a very prestigious match against Sparta. No one wants to let go of anything, but the turbulent atmosphere and everything around it helps a lot. A special extra quinceaner adds to such a playfulness. It’s an exciting match, “said Pavlenka.

Still, Sparta is considered a favorite, even after only two draws after three breaks. that Sparta is playing at home will be a favorite.Even though she was drawing in Zlin now and was unable to compete in the European League, she still has strength. But we will try to hurt her and I believe that we will take something from Letná, “Pavlenka said.

The Tomáš Rosický spy star could have come into the derby, according to Pavlenka, but it would be nonsense , if the fables were too focused on him. “We all know what a great quality Tomas Rosicky has. He has a great overview in the game, he can set up a chance for other players and we know very well. In Czech football it’s a big topic now. But we can not always concentrate on him alone. We must concentrate on the whole team and feel the quality of the whole, “added Pavlenka.