Ruzicka has the first coach of a thousand matches in the ice hockey league

“I was quite surprised that it was a thousand matches. It is enough. However, it is a bit strange that no one has yet. I’m probably old, “Ruzicka said with a smile. “I am particularly glad that I can be one of today’s jubilee matches and I would definitely want to win the other one,” added Růžička, whose superiors forced the decisive fifth duel over the initial two home defeats in the series.

Former brilliant striker who has become a world champion and Olympic champion in his active career, he has been training since 2000. At the club level, he has led only Slavia, with whom he has won an extra-league title and from 2015 Chomutov.

“When I look back, there are a lot of games I like to remember.We played many times play off, I’m going to have a semifinal series with Sparta (in 2004) when we lost 1: 3, but we turned it to 4: 3. Different Seven Matches…I have very beautiful memories at the play off, “Ruzicka said in his mind. He admitted that over time he was still developing and changing as a coach. “Somebody else should rate me, but in any case it’s probably different than in the beginning. By staying longer in the game and having a lot of matches, including those of the show. I think I got a little calmed down. Even though I’m getting angry at certain moments. But I’m quieter than I used to be. During a match, a cabin, a training session.But there is still something to learn, “said Ruzicka.

Besides the highest number of trained matches, he has the most wins in the base, the most playoff wins and the most in the final of the extraliga. In 2005 and 2010, Ruzicka led the national team to triumph for the world championship, and led the 2004 World Cup and the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

And ending with training is far from going. Meanwhile, during his career, he did not even think of it. “I’ve said several times that I wish everyone to do the job they enjoy. He had it relatively like a hobby. I have a long-term contract in Chomutov and I still have a lot of fun and hockey to me.I still have a terrible experience and I take it home because I want the team to play well and have done a good result, “Ruzicka explained.

That’s why he is strict and hard on the player. “It must be unpleasant for them. They are not easy with me in any case and how many times they have to jog it when they break into their heads. But good news is that many of them have known me in Chomutov for a long time, “says Ruzicka. He admitted that the satisfaction in his private life is also important to him. After the death of his wife, Eva found a new life partner. “I set a new life stage. I am very happy and very happy.It is very important for me to be successful in hockey but to be happy even in my personal life, “concluded Růžička, who is expecting the birth of a descendant with his fiancé Maria.