The fodder was given by the coach to score two goals, and he did so

Pilsen striker Michael Krmencik has been given a goal by Romana Pivarnik to score two goals, and he has succeeded. Two interventions helped to win a 4: 1 league win over Hradec Kralove to get Pilsen to the top of the scoreboard before Mladá Boleslav.

“When the coach told me to get on the pre-match training, he promised to try to score a goal, but he told me not that I would score two, so he predicted it to me, “ smiled Krmenčík after the match.

The Cup match with Hlučín was Krmenčík in the basic set last time in August with Zlín. Since then, he has been alternating. But with his performance at the end of the European League match with Austria, Vienna has said about the chance he has used today.Together with Milan Petržalka, he was a key figure in Pilsen and was almost at all dangerous.

In the 41st minute he scored the winning goal at 2: 0, even at the cost of the injury. The goal scored by Marek Plašil hit him with a sole in his face and caused two tricks around his eye.

“I had the ball at the waist level, I went head to head and got a kick in my face. I wanted to run the goal with the family in the corner, but my head was tangled, but then I was mistaken, the doctors treated me and it was fine, “Krmenčík described.

Brejk, after which Hradec put his own goal and in the 53rd minute he increased to 4: 0, which sent Plzeň to the first place of the table. “Milan Petrzella sent me the ball from the auto throw.Janoušek wanted to push me, so I gave him a violin and sent the ball to the back pole, “ said Krmenčík to his goal.

Viktoria has a reason for joy before the break. victory before the break is important. And if it’s the first place, it’s better. It will be more relaxed during the training and a better mood. And the first place we deserve, “said Krmenčík.

However, there are only eight players remaining in Victoria’s cabin, as the others are aiming for the official duties. ” It is true that there will be little here. At least, however, there will be more time for shooting. The coach develops interesting training sessions. I’m really looking forward to it. We train well and the head rest, “added Krmenčík.