VIEW: The court does not judge. Even hockey fish stinks from the head

Even people in gowns look sternly at Czech hockey, which in the last decade has declared a bounce from the bottom so many times, that he then attached to his leg a boulder that pulls him down to the surface instead. Now he’s in for a rushing decision of February 14, when eleven men who rule the hockey executive committee have decided on two crucial things.

Firstly, the last team will fall from the senior extraleague without the possibility of rescue in the relegation round. And secondly, that the swollen junior pariuri online Romania extraleague is responsible for the poor performance of the youth representation, so it has to be thinned out of the 24 teams.

No, it’s not a bad idea. But while direct descent and advancement will begin this season, junior cuts were immediate.The rules changed during the game, which is considered not only in sport as rude, immoral and quite possibly illegal. they did not give up and pushed it to the court that issued the interim injunction, and until it decides it is not allowed to play.

The union is cornered. On Thursday he announced that he would appeal against the measure while investigating that the teams would be playing the DHL Cup for the time being. It is not the only legal trick he has already tried, but the first has obviously failed. Hockey bosses named the highest competition as the League of Academy, the other as the junior league.There are just three players involved, so from a purely linguistic point of view, no one actually deprived them of anything. Maybe even pay out financial compensation, because some players have already taken the bust because they wanted to play the highest competition.

Nice charade, right? Yes, the slimming vision is correct, but obviously it was an unprepared action, until it seems that the eleven men were rushing home from the meeting back then when it was Valentine’s Day.

Even Alois Hadamczik, the coach of the national xpariuri online eighteen, was damned well:And it is determined by people who have never trained and raised no one. ”

Indeed, in youth competitions, the system is different every two years. Even the association argues that Vsetin, Prerov or Havirov could get rid of it without much remorse, because even to the extraleague it was pushed before, not sporting results. There are various experiments in the league to ask what is wrong at the beginning of January after a failure at the junior championship.

But the fish often stinks from the head.
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