What does Budějovice favor in the Slavic series? Attack, experience, viewers …

Bookmakers are clear and the favorite is given. Perhaps surprisingly clear. If everything should go as expected, they will move quite smoothly to the barrage of the Motors hockey league. But…

“Budějovice is already seeing us in the dungeon. We do not think it will be so easy. Slavia is a terribly dangerous opponent. They are unpredictable, they have a very good defensive, supported by the great performance of the goalie. It will be harder than with Prerov. They also have more skilled and experienced players, “said Martin Štrba, assistant coach of South Bohemia, at the club’s web site. MF DNES compared two teams that stand against each other in the semi-finals of the first hockey league. Result?Favorit is really a team from South Bohemia.

Form 1: 1

the opponents are indecisive because the play-offs manage perfectly. “I was surprised how three of the four of the teams that went into the semifinals won a series of four games. If someone told me before Prerov that it would be, I would not believe him, “Motors Miloslav Čermák, quarter-final playoff player, evaluates. Yes. The engine won the key first match against Prerov when he turned from 0: 3. He then dominated, and though tightly, he was able to watch the matches. Slavia in the play-off continued on the great end of the base. And Třebíč defeated one goal in three games and once won the raids. In each match she went first into the lead.And although it was only in the third third, she played patiently and waited.

Attack 1: 0

p> This should be the motto of the Engine. In the main part, they did not compete in this respect and with 171 goals was the best shooting team of the competition. Moreover, their power is distributed. Nouza, Chovan, Pavlin, Čermák. These are four names that were in the ranks of productivity before the best Slave David Shafrank. And if they fail, others can jump. Maybe Heřman, Vlček or Škoda.

Defense 1: 1

Maybe the biggest weapon of Slavia. The team with a sophisticated defense showed it clearly in the series against Třebíč. Only once allowed two goals. Otherwise, he only collected once.In addition, he was able to defend quite a lot of power games and score in three of the four matches in them.

“Both teams will play from secure defenses. We must consistently change our chances, and the gameplay will be an important factor, “said assistant Michal Chovan for the Motors website.

Again indecisive. Two young men are likely to stand against each other. On the Budweiser side, Petr Kváča, to the famous Dominik Frodl. The first is eighteen and the other twenty years. But it is hard to predict who will be more of a support team. Both have similar statistics. Frodl succeeded in the percentage of success in the basic part of Kváč.On average, the goal of the match is returned to him. Always tight.

Coaches 1: 1

, Antonin Stavjana would clearly put his opponent on Slavie. But watch out. Milan Razý, coach Slavia, is an experienced routine, who as the main coach has reached the home of the home. As an assistant he finished with Pilsen in third place. A year later, in the 2012/13 season, he celebrated the championship title.And even this year, he shows he can cope with the unfavorable conditions he experienced during the autumn, when he had to make up a new team.

Celebrities 1: 0

On the one hand, the world champion Filip Novák, the production coach Žiga Pavlin or the attackers Tomáš Nouza, Tomáš Vak, Štěpán Hřebejk. On the other hand Jan Novák, Pavel Kolařík and Václav Pletka. Both teams have several personalities in their squad that can lead the team to better perform or decide.

1: 0

If Slavia remained a team from Last season, this factor would be much more balanced. This is clear.The average age of the Pragues is 25 years and this is significantly increased by defenders Kolařík (44 years) and Novák (38 years). On the other hand, Jihočeš is more experienced. Both years and hard times. “We have a better team, we are better prepared,” says attacker Michal Chovan.

Viewers 1: 0Another Engine Bonus. With six thousand hounds in his back, he’s just playing well. And it would be a surprise if it was less in the semifinals. Plus. Jihočeš’s home environment will probably also be in Prague, where a lot of fans are always out and Eden is half of the Motoring.